NAAC AQAR Report 2016-17

NAAC AQAR Report 2015-16

Vasant Bahar 2016

Latest News

The Library Advisory Committee is as under:

1. Dr. Bansode R. B. Chairman
2. Shri. Patil S.A. Member
3. Shri. Hulenwar P.A. Member
4. Shri. Kate A.K. Member
6. Dr. Bhuktar G.R. Member
7. Dr. Havaldar T. R. Member
8. Students Representative Member
9. Dr. (Smt.) Kamble S. S. (Librarian) Secretary

The Functions of the Library.
1. To ensure that the reading materials, reference books, journals, magazines available in the library are adequate.
2. To facilitate easy and convenient access to the students in the library.
3. To observe proper implementation of support facilities provided in the library.
4. To ensure optimal utilization of budget received for the purchase of books and journals.
5. To seek the advice for the balanced budget allocation to each department.
6. To aim at enrichment of library and library support facilities.
7. To frame the rules and regulation regarding the use of library.

Library at a Glance:
1. Total Books – above 5000
2. Journals – 28
3. News Papers – 07
4. Writers Photographs